Intro to environmental science

ENVS 202, Winter 2019

This course aims to build students’ capacity to apply science to understand environmental issues and to increase their familiarity with topics in environmental science. It is part of the three-term core sequence in Environmental Studies and is required for Environmental Studies, but not Environmental Science majors. It is an introductory survey course, designed for freshmen and sophomores, and satisfies university general education breadth requirements for natural sciences.

Data management and visualization

BIO 410/ 510, Fall 2018

ENVS 410/ 510, Winter 2018

This course covers the non-statistical aspects of the data life cycle, including how to store, clean, visualize and communicate data. It is intended as a complement to statistics courses - we cover how to get your data into shape for analysis, and how to communicate your findings visually. It is primarily a methods class and is taught in R (but there is no expectation that students know R coming in). It fulfills the “Analytical Approaches” requirement for Environmental Studies majors. Course materials are available on Github.

Undergraduate research experience

There are a growing number of opportunities for undergraduates to do research in our group, either in the summer or during the semester. Please contact us if you are interested.